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Here at Protech Locksmiths & Security we offer a range of reliable Alarms and monitoring equipment. We work with several brands of equipment including paradox, Bosch, Integriti, concept & Inception. We specialise in both hardwired and wireless systems and select our brand and products suited to best meet the customers needs. Our equipment is suited to both domestic homes and commercial buildings. We offer remote access to our alarm panels and back to base monitoring to ensure our clients have the maximum amount of security available. Also offering wireless connection to your Iphone or Andorid. Feel free to contact us now to get your free quote.

Paradox Alarm System

Paradox Alarm Kit

We understand that a customised alarm system can add up to be quite costly with all the incredible and advanced equipment offering countless features and tons of amazing extras and so to counter this we have designed a basic paradox alarm kit perfect to keep your home secured at a smashing, unbeatable price.

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